About 10KLR Tackle Company

We are a family run business that started with the idea that more expensive tackle does not mean more fish. We built and tested each of our products for over a year privately before deciding to offer them to the public. Each lure is built by hand with the best hardware we can source. Just a few of our products.. prices are hard to beat

Family Owned and Operated

The Burton family have  always been life long anglers. Our father taught us  from a young age to fish, hunt and respect the outdoors. We have passed that love on to our kids. My two sons and two daughters all love to fish.  My brother’s four daughters also love to fish. It’s how we spend family time.

Built so the working men and women can afford to fish again

I started fishing seriously in 1994 when I bought my first bass boat.  In those days a spinnerbait was a couple bucks. Crankbaits were maybe $3.50.  A quality rod and reel were $50-60.  The top of the line bass boat was $17-20 grand.  Now boats cost as much as a house, baits are $10 bucks each and rods and reels can easily exceed hundreds of dollars. At 10KLR Tackle we believe the rising cost of fishing is damaging the future of this sport.  At 10KLR Tackle Company we make tournament quality tackle at bargain prices.