SALES TAX: All vendors selling any product or merchandise at Outdoor Nation Expo will incur an 8.995% tax on all retail sales and will be paid to Citizen Potawatomi Nation and collected at end of show by Outdoor Nation Expo staff.

SPACE: The show has leased from the facility and made other commitments to culminate in a show listed and herewith makes space available to exhibitors. Show Management reserves the right to interpret all rules and regulations and has final authority on all activities in the show.

BOOTH SPACE: Generally in 10’x10’ increments with fire retardant drapes 8’ high in back.

BULK SPACE: Outside with no dividers in 1000′ sq ft increments.

ASSIGNMENT OF SPACE: Space is assigned by the show director, following requests as closely as possible. Exhibitor shall not assign, share or sublet any part of the space without written approval from Outdoor Nation Expo. Outdoor Nation Expo reserves the right to adjust or make changes in booth assignments, up to and including the date of move in, to ensure an even flow of traffic or to maintain the theme of the Outdoor Nation Expo.

ACCOUNT MUST BE PAID IN FULL PRIOR TO MOVE-IN: Any leased space not occupied by 9:00am opening day will be considered forfeited unless prior written arrangements have been made with Outdoor Nation Expo. Show management may re-allot or sell such space immediately without notice to exhibitor with no obligation for refund at that time. Displays must be complete by opening time. Construction or move-in is not allowed during show hours.

USE OF SPACE: Nothing shall be attached to or hung from ceiling, wall or drape. Space must be utilized according to the contract and be properly attended during all open hours. Bring sufficient extension cords, must be three wire grounded. Exhibitors may not give away, sell or use helium filled balloons or place self-sticking decals on floors, walls, drapes, etc. Do not affix anything to the building surface with nails, screws, staples, glue, tape, etc. Carpet tape must be removed.

PAYMENT AND REFUND: Payment in full must accompany the application before any booth will be reserved unless arrangements are made with Outdoor Nation Expo prior to show by written request only submitted by vendor.

If any exhibitor has to cancel their application for space due and if that space is resold at full value, then a refund of a minimum of 50% of amount paid in will be made. If that space is not resold, there will be no refund. Space cancellations after Jul 28th will not be eligible for any refund regardless of previously state exemption listed above.

WHO MAY APPEAR IN THE SHOW: Outdoor Nation Expo reserves the right to make final decisions as to whom and what products may exhibit at the show.

EXHIBITOR PASSES: Obtain vendor badge at the office upon check-in. You may turn in your current vendor badge to office if you wish for someone to take your place to work you booth the next day. Send them to office for new vendor badge. You must present vendor badge to get into Vendor Only Events.

CANCELLATIONS OR INTERRUPTIONS: In the event of cancellations or interruptions of the show due to fire, government regulations, acts of God or any other cause beyond control, the management shall determine an equitable base for refund of such portions of amount paid as is possible after considering expenditures and commitments already made. If for any reason the show date or place is changed, no refund will be made, but management must be able to assign exhibitor space in lieu of original space.

LIABILITY: It is agreed that the exhibitor shall make no claim of any kind against the Show and shall indemnify and hold blameless Outdoor Nation Expo, the Show and its affiliates, the facility in which the show is held and its subsidiaries, or any officer or employee of the organizations or authorized subcontractors. Under no circumstances will these organizations be responsible for loss, damage destruction, theft of any merchandise, and displays of goods of the exhibitors or injury to himself or any employee while attending the show. Also it is expressly understood there can be no claim for damage of any kind to the exhibitor’s business due to any circumstance that developed from the show.

SECURITY & INSURANCE: Reasonable care is exercised by the show to help protect exhibitors from loss mentioned previously. Security guards will be provided during the shows operation, but this does not in any way create or increase management’s liability. All property of the exhibitor remains under the custody and control of the exhibitor, subject to the rules and regulations of the show. Exhibitors should not leave merchandise unattended during show hours and especially during move in and move out periods. It is suggested that you contact your insurance agent regarding your coverage.

Building will be generally locked and secure until one hour before the show opens daily and within one-half hour after the show closes. During the closed periods, the building will be secured and locked with no one admitted except by pre-arranged special pass through the Show Directors.

NEAT & CLEAN: Be sure aisle is free of merchandise on FRIDAY morning. Facility will sweep all aisles at that time. Just prior to closing each night, sweep and clean your space, put trash in proper receptacles. Cleaning personnel are not allowed in any leased space.

RETAIL SALES: The exhibitor is liable and responsible for any and all permits, license, taxes, etc. that might be applicable on retail sales. Merchandise sold shall be restricted to that listed an approved on your application form. No food sales, including sampling, are allowed without permission.

CONDUCT & DRESS: Conduct, dress, language, booth activities, printed materials of all exhibitors and personnel must be of appropriate & acceptable standards at all times.

NOISE LEVEL: The use of projectors, DVD/VCRs, etc. will be allowed as long as the sound level is kept to a normal voice level. Microphones or amplification of voice not allowed. Show management will be sole judge of volume allowed.

MOVE OUT: Early packing of a booth prior to close of business Saturday evening is strictly prohibited. Anyone doing so will not be invited to return. It is the height of disrespect to even those last few attendees and unfair to other exhibitors. The last attendee paid to see your merchandise just like the first one.

FIRE REGULATIONS: Each exhibitor must know and comply with all laws, ordinances and regulations pertaining to health, fire prevention and public safety while participating in the show. Please tape shut all gas fuel caps, have fuel tanks empty, unhook all batteries. All draping used on tables must be fireproof.

GENERAL INFORMATION: On arrival at the show, prior to set up or move in, contact the office for location of space and move in authorization. The rules and regulations of this show shall not supersede, alter or in any case change the rules and regulations of the exhibit facility or any city, state or government regulations.