ONE Brand Ambassador's Landing Page

Welcome to the 2022 ONE Brand Ambassadors page.  In the future, new information and news for ambassadors may be posted here on this page and/or in our private facebook group.

Brand Ambassadors must be friends with Nick Simon, Jerred Eversole, Rick Gage, and the other brand ambassadors on the team on FB so we can ‘like’ each other’s posts and work together! (Add other promoters from the private ONE Brand Ambassadors FB Group)

What we expect from our brand ambassadors

  • Use of ONE branded merchandise
  • Active participation in the outdoor, hunting, and/or  fishing community
  • Strong digital media presence
  • Enthusiasm for growing the ONE brand
  • Provide suggestions for improvements to the ONE brand and/or it’s services
  • Participation in a point-based Brand Ambassador rewards program.  Points are earned with various tasks:
    • Social media posting
    • Sharing your experiences with ONE
    • Providing reviews and shoutouts on various digital platforms
    • Represent ONE when attending outdoor industry tournaments, expos, and other events
    • Filming yourself participating in outdoor sports activities
    • Additional tasks in response to future market trends and the needs of ONE

Important Facebook pages

Last Updated 16 July 2022




FB banner & profile pic with Outdoor Nation Apparel

  • They must stay “up” for an entire week to receive the award
  • Screenshots required each week


Per social post

  • Maximum of 10 posts per week on any channel (FB, Snapchat, Insta, Twitter, Tik Tok, Etc.) Shared posts do not count. Must be originated by you or a page you own. Tag the Outdoor Nation Expo pages or Sponsors if applicable.
  • Screenshot required per post
  • Posts must be spaced at least 2 hours apart
  • Maximum of 3 Posts per day


Shared post from Outdoor Nation or Current Sponsor

  • Screenshot required per post
  • Posts should be spaced at least 2 hours apart


Each friend invited to like the Outdoor Nation Expo FB Page (

Each friend invited to the Outdoor Nation Expo Event (


Points per day for helping at the Outdoor Nation Expo or other event that ONE will be at


Points per friend you bring to help at the Outdoor Nation Expo per day


Points for each submitted hunt/fishing video content to air on ONE Youtube


Points for each submitted hunt/fishing video content to air on ONE TV (must be complete episode)


Points for each vendor you get to sign up at the Outdoor Nation Expo (existing vendors not applicable) 





Hunting or Fishing Trip (travel and tag expenses are not covered)


.22-250 Camo Rifle


GoPro POV Camera


$200 Gift Certificate for Camera Gear 

Awards will be presented at the ONE Annual Meeting in 2023.  Points and rewards are subject to change at the discretion of the ONE Staff.  Points will be zeroed out if Brand Ambassador commits a game violation or quits the team.  Must be present at the meeting to receive an award.  Tie breaker to go to the person who obtained the points first.