Lunch Session Option B | Q&A Jeff Danker & Daniel McVay

Sponsored by Taurus and Rossi Arms | Q & A with Jeff Danker & Daniel McVay

Enhance Your Hunting Skills at the 2023 Oklahoma Deer Hunting Conference's Q&A Lunch Session!

Gear up, deer hunting aficionados! The Oklahoma Deer Hunting Conference on August 12th offers you an unparalleled lunch session. Sponsored by Taurus and Rossi Arms, our Lunch Session Option B is a Question and Answer round with two of the nation’s most successful deer hunters – Jeff Danker and Daniel McVay.

Learning from the Masters: Jeff Danker & Daniel McVay

Join us in Classroom A from 11:15 am to 12:15 pm for an immersive session where you’re encouraged to bring forth your questions, to be answered by the experts themselves. This isn’t just a regular Q&A session, it’s an interactive platform where you can explore the ins and outs of deer hunting, guided by Danker and McVay’s wealth of knowledge and experience.

Open Dialogue Over Lunch

As you enjoy your lunch, dive into an engaging dialogue on deer hunting. This session welcomes queries of all kinds – from basic to complex, as no question is too trivial or too intricate for the Buckventures team. It’s about learning, growing, and becoming a better hunter.

A Safe Space for All Your Deer Hunting Questions

One of the unique aspects of this session is its welcoming and supportive environment. Feel free to ask any questions about deer hunting in this session, knowing you will receive meaningful, respectful, and informative answers. This is an incredible opportunity to clear doubts, learn new strategies, and refine your skills.

Becoming a Better Hunter with Danker and McVay

Your journey to becoming a better hunter begins here. With Danker and McVay’s guidance and insights, you can start honing your hunting strategies, understanding your game better, and enhancing your overall hunting experience.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to learn from the best in the field. Register now for the Oklahoma Deer Hunting Conference and secure your spot in this Q&A lunch session. It’s time to take your deer hunting skills to the next level!

Remember, the quest for knowledge never ends, especially in hunting. We look forward to seeing you there, ready to explore and learn.