Shot Placement & Tracking after the shot

Sponsored by Vortex Optics | Presented by Kelly Boyer

Ace Your Shot Placement at the 2023 Oklahoma Deer Hunting Conference!

Hello, deer hunting enthusiasts! This August 12th, the Oklahoma Deer Hunting Conference brings to you an exclusive session on ‘Shot Placement’ sponsored by Vortex Optics and presented by the expert, Kelly Boyer.

Perfect Your Shots with Kelly Boyer

Boyer’s session will be held in Classroom B from 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm, where he will be sharing his wealth of knowledge on proper shot placement, basic after-shot analysis, and tracking for most hunting situations. It’s not just about taking the shot, but understanding how, when, and where to make that shot for maximum effectiveness.

Understanding Deer Anatomy and Shot Angle Importance

This session goes beyond basic shot placement techniques. Boyer will delve into deer anatomy, emphasizing the importance of proper angle for a shot. Understanding the science behind the shot can greatly increase your chances of a successful hunt.

After-Shot Strategies for Game Recovery

A crucial part of the hunting process is what happens after the shot has been made. This session will cover essential guidelines on how long to wait to recover downed game, tactics for a successful game recovery, and the art of tracking.

Learn Essential Tracking Techniques

In this session, you will also be introduced to crucial tracking techniques for the moments after your shot. Whether it’s learning what to do or, just as importantly, what not to do, understanding these factors can often mean the difference between a successful recovery and the disappointment of lost game.

Do's and Don'ts Post-Shot

Knowing what to do – or not to do – after the shot can often lead to a successful recovery or the heartbreaking scenario of lost game. With Boyer’s guidance, you’ll be better equipped to handle the crucial moments following the shot, improving your chances of a successful hunt.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business. Secure your spot at the Oklahoma Deer Hunting Conference and sign up for the ‘Shot Placement’ session. It’s time to step up your hunting game with expert insights and practical tips.

Remember, in hunting, knowledge is power. So, get ready to empower yourself with Boyer’s tips and techniques that promise to enhance your hunting journey. See you there!